Olivia Biz Bundle with 30cm Photo Box & Free Bag



Our business bundle gives you, independent creators the ultimate, compact, easy to use setup to capture your creativity, tell your story to the world through captivating, crisp videos and photos.

✅  Olivia makes stable, overhead shots and multi-angle filming easy with 360 tilt and rotation. Great for cooking, arts and crafts videos or photos.

✅  Panoramic double-sided, 100 led lamp set-up with 7 light modes & 3 colour temperatures. Power: 3.8v 1000mAh.

✅  Capture beautiful photos in your 30cm, 3 colour tone studio box, with 10x brightness settings design to provide the perfect light setting for your craft.

✅  Our Photo Box comes with 6 coloured backgrounds that accentuate your products.

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Items in this bundle - Click for full product details.

  1. Olivia - All In One Content Creator Tool In A Box
  2. Olivia - Protective Travel Bag
  3. 30cm Photo Studio Light Box

Olivia - Easy, Professional Content Creation In A Box

✅ 40-130cm (51 inches) height adjustment with 8 different settings.

✅ Maximum height in flat lay configuration - 84cm (33.1 inches).

✅ Wireless charge lasts up to 3 hours with 1000mAh battery.

✅ Setup in seconds with the rotate and lock mechanism.

✅ Strong silicon grips to keep your phone safe and scratch-free.

✅ Smaller than your lunch box (21 x 8.1 x 6.3cm). Fits in your bag.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use. 

Olivia overhead flat lay shot with procreate
Compact Content Creator Tool with 360 rotation and overhead shot
Toker - The All In One Content Creator Tool In A Box Features

Photo Box - Beautiful Products Deserve A Beautiful Photo

  • Perfect for small businesses and artists, producing homemade products, crafts, jewellery or art.
  • Assemble a professional 20cm home studio in less than 3 seconds.
  • 80 natural daylight & daylight-balanced LEDs help eliminate harsh light and shadows that leave your photos looking more natural.
  • The CDI95 colour temperature ring light lighting beads and reflective stone texture fabric provide the perfect almost sunlight light setting.
  • The 3 lighting colour tones provide a perfect colour render which means you can have awesome product photos taken on your smartphone.
  • Compact and lightweight means you can take it anywhere. 
  • Waterproof materials make it easy to clean.

Our photo shooting tent kit makes professional product photos available to anyone with a smartphone.

Compare the difference

25cm Studio Light Box Professional Tent
20cm Compact Studio Light Box Compare

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What phones does Olivia support?


Olivia comes with mounts that are compatible with all size phones. However please note that on some larger phones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max the weight may be too big when fully extended overhead at 45-degree angle shots. 



My phone has a case - can Olivia support it?


Olivia can support phones with cases up to 3.15". We suggest removing your case if possible as it makes your phone lighter. Olivia has strong silicon grips so your phone will not fall out. The optimal weight when shooting at 45deg fully extended is under 190g / 6.7oz. Most phones weigh less than this.



Do you know if this will hold an iPad?


It will not hold an iPad with the supplied Cell Phone mounts.  



How far can the pole extend in the 90 degrees position for flat lay filming?


The pole can be extended up to 31cm from the main pole when in the 90-degree position for a flat lay shot. 


What is CRI lighting? 


Color Rendering Index (CRI) is the measurement of how colours look under a light source when compared with sunlight. The index is measured from 0-100.



How do I assemble and use the photo studio?


  • Take out the box.
  • Fold into the 3 segments.
  • Button the clasp together.
  • Put in the support background.
  • Assembly complete.
  • Plug in the USB cable and power on.
  • Set the lighting to desired brightness.
  • Take an awesome photo.



What are the technical specifications of the Studio Photo Box?



80 high display lamp beads

Colour Temp

Up to daylight 6000k

Product Weight(g)






Powered by USB 1-10w
Voltage 5v




What are the technical specifications of Olivia?




Extended Height


Product Weight(g)

1316g (please note)

Load Capacity(kg)



Aluminum Alloy, ABS

LED Light 3.8v 1000mAh

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