Olivia Content Creators Bundle with Free Bag



Our content creators bundle gives you the ultimate easy to use setup to capture your creativity, and stand out on social media through captivating, crisp, clear videos and photos.

✅  Olivia makes stable, overhead shots and multi-angle filming easy with 360 tilt and rotation. Great for cooking, arts and crafts videos or photos.

✅  Panoramic double-sided, 100 led lamp set-up with 7 light modes & 3 colour temperatures. Power: 3.8v 1000mAh.

✅  Our vlogging kit was designed for vertical content snd keeps the phone central so you don't have to worry about it falling over.

✅  Tripod, light adjustment, and audio control ensure you can create the perfect settings for your filming environment. Your videos will never get low views again.

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  1. Smartphone Vlogger Starter Kit
  2. Olivia - All In One Content Creator Tool In A Box
  3. Olivia - Protective Travel Bag

      Olivia - Easy, Professional Content Creation In A Box

      ✅ 40-130cm (51 inches) height adjustment with 8 different settings.

      ✅ Maximum height in flat lay configuration - 84cm (33.1 inches).

      ✅ Wireless charge lasts up to 3 hours with 1000mAh battery.

      ✅ Setup in seconds with the rotate and lock mechanism.

      ✅ Strong silicon grips to keep your phone safe and scratch-free.

      ✅ Smaller than your lunch box (21 x 8.1 x 6.3cm). Fits in your bag.

      Olivia with procreate and overhead flat lay shot
      Olivia 360 angle shots and rotation. Compact content creator tool
      Toker - The All In One Content Creator Tool In A Box Features

      Create Videos that Captures Attention with Ease.

      As content creators, we got frustrated with the lack of high-quality entry-level video gear so we found our own. In fact, it was hard to find a tripod that supported the phone in a vertical format that didn't fall over when an LED light or microphone was added without lots of other accessories.

      • This kit is guaranteed to give a professional look to your TikTok, IG & Facebook Lives and the newest YouTube shorts at any angle.

      • Plug and play easy set-up in under 3 minutes you're good to go and start filming. 

      • No more echo audio with our professional microphone audio set-up.

      • Perfect lighting in any conditional with our 49 LED mini light with 10x adjustable brightness.

      • Film on the go with our dynamic tripod that can be held or supporting you on the desk.

      Paparazzos Microphone Kit vs Competitions
      Vlogging starter kit with woman going live
      • Compact and travel-friendly. Perfect for the mobile filmmaker.

      • A strong, stable base provides a smooth filming surface with light and a tripod.

      • The easy locking mechanism on the legs makes it quick to set up and pack away.

      • The aluminum alloy ball head can be rotated 360 degrees. Press the ball head release button, and then you can adjust the angle of the ball head.

      • Versatile accessories can be used with DSLR and action cameras.

      Please note: The MFI lighting and C-type adaptors for the microphone are not included in the set but can be purchased here. Batteries for LED light are also not included.

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      What phones does Olivia support?


      Olivia comes with mounts that are compatible with all size phones. However please note that on some larger phones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max the weight may be too big when fully extended overhead at 45-degree angle shots. 



      My phone has a case - can Olivia support it?


      Olivia can support phones with cases up to 3.15". We suggest removing your case if possible as it makes your phone lighter. Olivia has strong silicon grips so your phone will not fall out. The optimal weight when shooting at 45deg fully extended is under 190g / 6.7oz. Most phones weigh less than this.



      Do you know if this will hold an iPad?


      It will not hold an iPad with the supplied Cell Phone mounts.  


      How far can the pole extend in the 90 degrees position for flat lay filming?


      The pole can be extended up to 31cm from the main pole when in the 90-degree position for a flat lay shot. 



      What are the technical specifications of Olivia?




      Extended Height


      Product Weight(g)

      1316g (please note)

      Load Capacity(kg)



      Aluminum Alloy, ABS

      LED Light 3.8v 1000mAh

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