Paparazzo Junior Pack - Paparazzo, Tripod & Bluetooth Remote



This pack will unleash your creativity and let you capture your hands-free 360 videos, calls, and photos at any height, angle, and location at the click of a button.

✅  Use Paparazzo in any location at a height up to 135cm.

✅  Tripod has non-slip legs to protect your phone or camera.

✅  Compact with a combined weight of 766g.

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Paparazzo and Lexi - The Perfect Partners.

As Paparazzo comes tripod ready, we have created the perfect multi-function tripod to go with him. With a sturdy platform to support his base, designed for DSLR cameras, Paparazzo can smoothly film away. Now you no longer have to worry about finding the right surface for your shots. Lexi's non-slip rubber legs and Paparazzo's silicon protective phone holder means your phone is in safe hands.

A Family of Photographers.

Capture from any position with Lexi's multi-angle & height capability. Lexi can also hold your Smartphone with her own Smartphone mount if required.  

Once you have found the perfect frame for your shot using Paparazzo and Lexi, you then snap away at the click of a button with Poppy - our Bluetooth camera remote. Start and stop your videos or take photos in an instant without having to go back and set the timer on your phone.

compact tripod for Smartphone in different locations and terrain with DLSR camera.

Take Them Everywhere.

At a combined weight of only 766g they can fit in your bag with ease. Paparazzo has a strong battery so you can use him for 6-8 hours before charging again. Lexi comes with her own carry case so she stays protected and is built of aluminium alloy. Poppy clips on your keys so she is never far away from you.


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Do they fit the iPhone 12 pro max?


Yes, they do. The width of the iPhone 12pro max is 3.07 inches, and this tracking tripod clip can match up to a 3.2 inches width phone. 



How far from the camera will Paparazzo still track?


The maximum tracking distance of Paparazzo is 16 feet and can rotate 360 degrees to follow you everywhere.



If there are 2 subjects in front of the camera, who does Paparazzo track?


If there are two or more people in front of the camera Paparazo will track the person closest to the camera in most cases.



Does Paparazzo auto tilt in the tracking mode or it turns only?


Paparazzo tracks and can rotate 360 degrees when someone moves in front of his lens. 

When there is no one, it doesn't rotate and tilt. Paparazzo also has a pause button, so you can stop It from detecting your movement and use it as a regular phone holder.



Can the Tripods legs be adjusted for uneven terrain? Like on top of several rocks? Or are there only 3 locking points?


The legs are adjusted using clamps and can be set anywhere you want. There are no locking points. It will work great on all terrains.



Does the Bluetooth remote come with batteries?


Yes, it does. The life span of the battery is approx 1 year depending on usage and can easily be replaced. 



What are the technical specifications of Paparazzo, Lexi and Poppy?


Please visit the individual product pages for the technical specifications.

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