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Audrey 2 - Wireless Lavalier Microphone For Smartphones

Audrey 2 - Wireless Lavalier Microphone For Smartphones

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Audrey 2 is here with enhanced 360 omnidirectional voice pick-up. Say goodbye to messy cables, echoes and distorted audio in your videos. Deliver clear audio that captures their attention and keeps your audience in the moment with you.

*Please check you have selected the correct phone type below before placing your order.

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Product Details

Features & Details

✔︎ Professional full-band audio stereo quality - Built-in high-sensitivity microphone

✔︎ 3 Level Intelligent Noise reduction - High signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and anti-vibration sound chamber. Record with a clear sound quality even in a noisy environment.

✔︎ Dual Microphone Available - Ideal for interviews or for couples recording videos.

✔︎ Record audio up to 20m away - A powerful receiver, with a high-frequency spectrum and 0.009s ultra-low latency.

✔︎ 7-hour battery life - Record anytime and anywhere.

✔︎ Clip On - Finger-size microphone that fits in your pocket.

✔︎ Plug and play - Auto connects in one click. No app or Bluetooth. 

Wireless microphone being used by 2 female content creators


➤ What phones does the wireless microphone support?
✔︎ Our wireless microphone works with any phone providing you purchase the right attachment. It is available for IOS and Android smartphones.

➤ Does the Microphone pick up the background noise?
✔︎ No, the microphone is designed to deliver your audio clear and crisp with advanced noise-cancelling technology.

➤ My microphone is not working?
✔︎ Please check your phone cameras settings. Some native camera apps have a microphone setting that needs to be changed to external. You can also try downloading a third-party app. Please message us if you are having challenges and we will help to troubleshoot.

➤ Will this work on a DSLR or action cameras?
✔︎ No, it will not work on action cameras or DSLR cameras.

Tech Spec

➤ Latency: 0.009s ultra-low.
➤ Battery Time: 7hrs working time.
➤ Charge Case: 600mAh.
➤ 80KHZ stereo reception.

Record simultaneously

The Mic For Couples

Perfect for creators, Instagramers and TikTokers who are tired of the echoey, noisy built-in smartphone microphones.

Record with ease

Crystal clear audio in a click

Minimize ambient noise and keep the vocals carried through clearly even amid external surrounding sound disturbances which provide you and your followers a better experience when you're telling your story or sharing your creativity.