woman using a ring light and tripod stand with her camera

What is a ring light?

Ring Light Origins

Ring lights have long been used by photographers and, more recently, TikTok stars to improve their appearance. They reduce shadows, offering a more uniformed glow and make their subject look flawless. 

Pink ring flash on professional camera

Ring flash being used on a camera to capture the perfect moment. Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels


Did you know ring lights were developed for medical and dental purposes? The story goes a dentist didn't have a good way of lighting up his patients mouth for dental photography, and he visited a camera facilitated. Then the ring flash was born. What they found, was that the light not only eliminated the shadows in the mouth but also the face which made it appear prettier. The light was then picked up by the fashion industry in the '60s, and the rest is history.

Now LED ring lighting is being used by many industries and content creators at home as a source of light to make their TikTok videos, vlogs, selfies, conference calls and makeup application easier. A ring light can bring a professional lighting feel to any home studio, and LED light rings are becoming a very common accessory. In the era of smartphones, ring lights are now produced for home use. Ring lights come in smaller sizes now with different phone holder attachments, tripod stands and USB chargers. 


The NOVA 10inch ring light and tripod stand. The best ring lighting for TikTok, YouTube and flawless, beautiful selfies.


How does a ring light work?

This lighting device is usually made from a single circular fluorescent bulb or several connected small LED lights that form the shape of a circle. Older versions are made of fluorescent bulbs which do not perform well. When buying a ring light, you should go for the LED. 

The ring light produces a soft glow on your subject, reducing shadows. When taking a video or photo with a ring light set up on its tripod stand using the phone or camera in the centre will make your subject evenly lit. Another lighting may leave harsh shadows depending on where they are being placed. 

Many LED ring lights, including the NOVA 10 inch Ring Light Kit have different color temperatures with adjustable brightness. These settings make it easy for you to get the professional look you want from your videos and photographs from home or on the go. They can even mimic the outdoor brightness with their bright white LEDs so you can film any time of day without worrying about finding natural light?

 Woman using a professional ring light and tripod stand at home with her camera

Professional 18inch ring light are used by many photographers in their studios. Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels


What is a ring light used for?

Ring lights used to be only for the professional photographers; but with the rise of TikTok and Social Media and more people working from home, they are more mainstream and affordable than even before. Some of our favorite uses are:

Video production (or TikTok and YouTube) 

When using ring lights as your source of lighting for a photoshoot or video, the ring lights produce a beautiful circular shadow that brilliantly outlines yourself or your subject. This lights you up in an engaging style that will have your viewers glued to your video content. Ring lights are the best lighting option for close-up video projects like makeup tutorials. This makes them particularly useful for makeup artists, TikTok, Vlogging and YouTubers.

For phone selfies 

Due to its design and structure, ring lights are perfect for emphasizing details on photographs. They will bring out your best features and skin color. Ring lights are a fabulous lighting option for close-up photography and are so simple to use and set-up. They are also the first choice when it comes to portrait photography. 

Take a look in your favorite content creators eyes next time, you might notice a circular, halo glint in their eye. Ring lights allow users to create high-quality photos in their bedroom without the burden of spending a lot of money. 

Woman using a professional ring light and tripod stand at home with her camera

The halo effect. Look into his eyes and tell me what you see? Photo by curtis powell on Unsplash

Working from home

As most people are working from home now, the right light is the perfect companion for the office. It will provide a source of light, so you look your best on camera along with the ideal office light in the evening. Adjust the brightness setting required for the perfect working environment. Be the envy of your colleagues on your next video conference call. 

 Woman teaching from home using her ring light and a phone

The Nova 10 inch ring light be used by a crafts teacher at home

Generating Color Effects 

Ring lights can be easily used to generate color effects by changing the color. Most ring lights now come with 3 color settings built-in. The NOVA ring light comes with natural, cool white and warm color settings. This gives you the option to create various looks for your video or shoot. Great for product shoots or ad creation.

Makeup Application 

Ring lights are ideal for both applying your makeup and taking photos of the finished product. Because they evenly spread light, ring lights get rid of sneaky shadows and highlight your features perfectly. You might have noticed a sparking, halo-like reflection in a beauty guru's eyes before – that is the ring light effect. Position the light near the model, look through the inside opening, and apply the makeup with full knowledge of how it really looks.  

woman adding her makeup using her ring light tripod stand and phone

8inch ring lights are commonly used at home on desks by teachers and influencers. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Macro Photography 

A ring light will diffuse light on the subject making your videos and photos sharper, brighter and professional due to its inherent circular design. You can notice the results immediately. 

Macro photography of a flower and bee

Macro photography taken with an iPhone lens of a flower and bee. Photo by Erik Karits from Pexels

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