Our Story

Paparazzo Story with the founders image shown

Hi, Matt here (right), one founder of Paparazzo to introduce you to our brand.

At Paparazzo we specialize in designing high quality, affordable and fun mobile phone equipment that EVERYONE can use. We design our products to bring joy to those who use them and the people they connect you to.

As parents, content creators and business professionals we understand how difficult filming, streaming and video calls can be especially when you don’t have a helping pair of hands around. That’s why we created our flagship product - Paparazzo. We know this because we experience the same challenges. This is how Paparazzo was born, with the purpose to make our lives easier and bring more joy to everyone, especially with people spending more time at home now.



We aim to make high quality mobile video and photography accessible and affordable to everyone. We want everyone to have meaningful connections, empower them to discover & share their inner creativity and have fun at the same time. As a brand, we encapsulate boldness, creativity and fun.

Let’s light up those creative minds! We’re here to make your lives easier so you can spend more time building relationships with those who matter, sharing your creativity or just making things less awkward to take a video call or quality selfie.



We want our customers to have an incredible experience with us and contribute to the Paparazzo community. Nothing is too challenging for us in our mission to help our customers share their stories. That is why we source, design and test the highest quality equipment. Whilst we may be edgy and fun, we want everyone in the Paparazzo community to be treated with kindness and respect.

We welcome your feedback to help us improve or share a story of inspiration. Please send us a message on our Instagram or Facebook page and don’t forget to tag us in your content and stories so we can grow this fantastic community.