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TikTok Tips and Tricks for Great Videos

TikTok Tips and Tricks for Great Videos

Being a video content creator whether on TikTok, Instagram, or any other platform is not just about making videos but making content that has the perfect blend of sounds and visuals. When your first starting out making videos for the first time it can be difficult to get everything right.

Sometimes there can be too much distortion in the surroundings, and getting a clear sound seems impossible. Similarly, your phone or camera can might not capture the brightest shot even if you record in broad daylight.


So, how do you create fantastic TikTok videos that go viral and are most shared? Sit back as the following are some of the top TikTop tips and tricks for great videos. We’ve also covered everything about balancing lights, sounds, and length of a video, including how this Smartphone Vlogger Starter Kit can help you create the ideal setting for your TikTok videos!

Find Your Niche

When making fantastic TikTok videos, you should remember that TikTok is not YouTube, but the rules apply the same. In simple words, just like a successful YouTube channel covers the same-themed videos, you should post content on TikTok that comes under the same niche. This allows you to grow your community and keep your current followers engaged whilst finding like minded people with your videos. When you have a niche anyone who visits your TikTok profile is more likely to give you a follow and engage in your videos as they can relate to them.

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Remember, it is essential to find a niche and one that makes you want to get up and record videos every day; otherwise, the motivation may die, and your videos won't be that enthusiastic. Find what works then repeat that over and over again to really stand out and make great TikTok videos.

Let Your Personality Shine

Another important tip for making great TikTok tip and trick for great videos is to let your personality shine. Your followers will want the real you to come through so let your guard down a little bit. Be authentic and tell your story. Stories keep us captivated and engaged in the videos whilst creating empathy. The is great way to build relationships with your followers and have them relate to you or whatever you are showing them. This will help you stand out from the other million content creators out there. At the end of the day, there is only one you, and no else can be like you.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

Once you find what your audience wants, then another TikTok tip for great videos but mainly ignored by most creators is to focus quality over quantity. Everyone says post once to five times a day, which is true if all you want is content on your TikTok account. But when your goal is to create great TikTok videos, the first thing you should value is quality.


High-quality footage will capture more attention than a poor, low-quality video, even if you post once a week. When you are starting, there is no need to invest in costly cameras, for it is not the lens that helps create great videos, but how stable the shot is, not to forget the balance between the sound and the lights. Most phone these days are enough to capture a great video especially if you can master using the rear camera to capture your videos.

Create Short But Quick Videos

TikTok videos are already short, but the point here is to create on-point and engaging content. Though the minimum length should be 10-15 seconds, you can also opt for that as the final length of your videos.


In case you are wondering, most viral TikTok videos are short and address the issue instantly. They put the hook at the front of the video to stop you scrolling. Some even give the ending first before getting into the content. If you drag your videos too much just to make them lengthy, the viewers will most likely scroll resulting in fewer audience interaction and sharing. Especially now with people’s short attention spans. Pro Tip: If you want to create longer videos make sure you create suspense in the video to keep your viewers watching. Keep them glued to the end by giving out information bit by bit.

Invest In a Tripod 

Paparazzos vlogging kit vs competitor 

Beginners looking for top TikTok tips and tricks for great videos should consider investing in a tripod. As a beginner, you may create videos with your smartphone only or until you get its basics. Later, if you want to invest in gear that helps create amazing TikTok videos, a good tripod is always a great option.


You cannot get enough of a tripod; it offers a stable video recording, facilitates more prolonged exposure, and works great for solo (and even a group) content creators. It means that wherever you go, you will have a stable surface to short from to make you great TikTok videos. Tripod come in all shapes and sizes from small to large and feature two of best at www.heypaparazzo.com.

Light Adjustment 

Lighting is one of the essential parts of creating videos since it helps you establish the mood for your content. If you are shooting yourself, the distance between you and the camera should have enough light to make you visible even from all angles and separate yourself from the background clearly.

Also, there is no harm in using an extra flash, especially when you want to direct viewers' eyes to specific items or figures in the video. It helps encourage them to look in the correct direction and make sure the video's essential elements are not overlooked. We recommend find a lighting solution that has 2-3 different settings so you can find the colour tone you are looking for in various external light conditions.


Audio Control

Audio play a very important role on TikTok videos. If you have seen a video with poor sound quality using his voice, chances are you might have scrolled by. Every TikTok video contains sound; it can be music, voiceover, or your voice. Whether you add trending songs from the app or use your voice in the background or record yourself while saying something, the balance between visuals and sound plays a vital role in creating fantastic videos and making you stand out from others.

A great way to control audio is to invest in a microphone as it helps avoid sound distortion and echo irrespective of how you add sound to your videos. Also, it is a simple yet great hack to standout from other creators since the perfect audio and video match captures attention rapidly. A great audio can make you feel like you there with other person and really help you connect with your audience.


Why is the Smartphone Vlogger Starter Kit the Best Gear for Creating Great TikTok Videos?  

Nowadays, short videos and reels are getting more popular than longer videos whether on TikTok, Instagram, or even on YouTube. It may seem easy to create short-lengthed content but also toughens the competition which is why you should get the right gear to make your content stand out from others.

Offered by HeyPapparazo, this three-in-one Smartphone Vlogger Starter Kit can help you:

  • Control stability of your videos with a tripod.
  • Find the perfect light settings with a 49 LED light.
  • Record distortion-free videos with a professional grade microphone.

    With these three components - tripod, light, and microphone - you can create the ideal setting to shoot your videos and stand out on TikTok and social media immediately. You can adjust your shots as you like - vertical or horizontal -, stay within the frame, and record videos anywhere without the fear of your phone tripping down! 

    The Smartphone Vlogger Starter Kit is perfect for all content creators as it: 

    • is designed for vertical content first. 
    • is travel-friendly and can be used whilst on the go. 
    • is simple and easy to use. 
    • has a strong, stable base. 
    • has an easy locking mechanism.
    • saves money as you are getting a tripod, mic, and light in one tool. 
    • doesn’t come with unnecessary accessories as the kit is designed to keep everything central and perfectly balanced. 

      Paparazzo smartphone vlogging kit for Tiktok and Instagram 

      You can grab this fantastic Smartphone Vlogger Starter Kit at a fantastic price at HeyPapparazo!

      Wrapping Things Up  

      Even if you are recording in light, the result is not always bright, clear visuals. If you are in a silent space, your voice can likely expand and lose its tone. Those who are solo content creators even find it difficult to film a stable shot.  


      You can find many TikTok tips and tricks for great videos, but in the end, it's all about the balance between visuals, sounds, and stability of your videos. And when making a TikTok video seems challenging, the perfect Smartphone Vlogger Starter Kit makes sure your videos stand out with the tripod, light, microphone, and other valuable accessories it offers!


      Tell us your best TikTok tricks and tips for great videos in the comments below.  

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