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Mobile Creator Starter Kit

Mobile Creator Starter Kit

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Designed with vertical content in mind, our Mobile Creator kit ensures a stable and level filming environment with a professional microphone and light. Make your social media content stand out and low views a thing of the past.  

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Features & Details

✔︎ Compatible with all smartphones - When using an iPhone you will need the headphone adaptor to connect the Mic.

✔︎ Perfectly balanced - The phone stays central when in portrait or landscape mode.

✔︎ Clear crisp audio - With a class-leading wide range 50hz-20khz frequency response professional microphone.

✔︎ 10x adjustable brightness - Find perfect lighting with a 49 LED mini light.

✔︎ Multiple angle filming - Rotate 360° and up to an angle at 90° for top-down shots.

✔︎ Perfect creator kit - On the desk or collapse the secure tripod for handheld use.

✔︎ Versatile accessories - Can be used with DSLR and action cameras.


➤ What phones does the kit support?
✔︎ Tripod comes with a Smartphone mount that is compatible with sizes up to 3.35" (85 mm) wide. Suitable for nearly all phones. For the microphone to work with phones that do not have a headphone jack, an adaptor is needed which can be purchased separately here.

➤ What Cameras can the tripod, light and microphone support?
✔︎ Standard 1/4 screw cameras and headphone jacks, compatible with Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Ricoh, Olympus, Kodak, Fujifilm, Casio, Leica DSLR cameras / Compact Cameras / Mirrorless Cameras / Camcorders / Action Cameras.

➤ Can the tripod legs be adjusted for uneven surface?
✔︎ No the lengths of the legs cannot be adjusted.

➤ My microphone is not working?
✔︎ Please check your phone cameras settings. Some native camera apps have a microphone setting that needs to be changed to external. You can also try downloading a third-party app. Please also check you have the right connector. Please message us if you are having challenges and we will help to troubleshoot.

➤ Will the light and microphone work on an action camera?
✔︎ Yes, assuming your camera has a hot shoe attachment and microphone jack.

Tech Spec

➤ Monomer: Electrostatic condenser head
➤ Directivity: Supercardioid pointing
➤ Product Weight(g): 51g
➤ Frequency Response: 50Hz - 20KHz
➤ Sensitivity Enhancement: +10dB +/- 2dB
➤ Sensitivity: -38dB +/- 3dB
➤ Equivalent Noise Level: 24dB A
➤ Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 130dB (THD<1.5% @ 1KHz
➤ Output Impedance: 200n+30% (@1KHz)
➤ Battery: Built-in 3.7v 100mAH rechargeable lithium
➤ Size: 115x56mm

Smartphone Mobile Content Creator Starter Kit Redesign

Capture videos with ease

Plug & Play Easy Set-Up

Set-up In under 3 minutes you're good to go and start filming. The easy locking mechanism on the legs makes it quick to set up and pack away.

Smartphone Mobile Content Creator Starter Kit

Perfect for the mobile filmmaker

Compact & Travel-Friendly

Film on the go with our ergonomic tripod that sits comfortably in your hand.

Smartphone Mobile Content Creator Starter Kit Microphone Close Up

Designed for story telling

Audio Made For Mobile Creators

Our microphone is designed with a Super-Cardioid polar pattern that focuses audio capture on the subject and the user's voice while avoiding unwanted ambient sounds from crowds or the environment. With mobile class-leading wide range 50hz-20khz Frequency Response and 28db equivalent noise level.